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EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is a non-traditional machining process that uses electrical discharges to remove material from a workpiece. EDM is a highly precise machining method and is commonly used for the production of complex parts, particularly in the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. It is also used to create complex components for injection molds.

One of the main advantages of EDM is its ability to produce extremely precise parts. EDM is capable of producing features with tolerances as tight as ±0.0001 inches, making it ideal for creating parts with intricate geometries. EDM can also produce sharp corners and thin features that are difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional machining methods.

However, the precision of EDM machining can be affected by several factors. For example, the accuracy of EDM machining is influenced by the electrode material, the dielectric fluid, the power supply settings, and the machine’s control system. Factors such as the quality of the workpiece material, the size of the part, and the geometry of the features being produced can also affect the precision of EDM machining.

Circle 5 has world class EDM machines and skilled technicians to produce the most complex geometries on your next project.

Circle 5 is always looking for capable and collaborative people to join our growing team. Follow the link to see a
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