Our Story

Circle 5 is an advanced manufacturer of high-quality production Injection Molds primarily serving the mobility Industry.

Located in Windsor, Ontario Canada, Circle 5 serves Global OEM’s and the largest Tier 1 suppliers.  We specialize in interior/exterior trim components of many mobility devices.

We are a leader in machining ferrous and non-ferrous metals with mutli-axis CNC and EDM capabilities.

The “5” in “Circle 5” represents the 5 elements of life and happiness as described by Carl Jung.
They are:

1. Good Mental Health
2. Better Relationships
3. Appreciate the beauty around you
4. Good living and work standards
5. Believe in something

These elements were paraphrased by of our original founder and owner Lam back in the day and are still our guiding principles as we continue to hone and define our brand.

Founded : 1987

Expansion and Change

Moving toward the future