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Discover the ins and outs of Tool and Mold Manufacturing from a family's perspective. Learn about the challenges, rewards, and secrets of this specialized industry through firsthand experiences and insights.
At Circle 5 one of our core values is that we are family, and we live by that every day. People care about their families; they wouldn’t steer a family member wrong. So, it means so much to us when our employees recommend our company as a good place to work to their family members. We are proud that at the backbone of our company are strong family ties. A gentleman started working for us in the early 2000s, and he found that Circle 5 was so unlike any other mold shop he had worked for that he referred us to his two brothers. The way management listened to his input and how he was trusted to perform his job stood out to him. His brothers agreed because they went on to refer their family members, and so on. We are proud of our staff and their ability to trust the care and consideration that we extend to them and we work hard to honour that every day. Now we have uncles, sons, cousins, and spouses all working together. This doesn’t stop there though, even the employees who don’t have family ties within the company still go out of their way to treat each other like family, and are there to help without any questions asked. We’ve had staff voluntarily go into the community to build a wheelchair ramp for someone who was struggling, without being asked. Family is an action word. Being there for someone requires action, and at Circle 5 we can confidently say that we stand behind our employees and that we will be there for them when they need it.    

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